Mike Legere

Ourselves in Public
2018 | Edição de Autor | Indie, Folk

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Quando não está a tocar com os Century Thief e Places Erupt, o canadiano Mike Legere volta-se para o indie-folk e editou recentemente o seu disco de estreia a solo. “Ourselves in Public” foi lançado no passado dia 8 de Junho e está aqui descrito faixa a faixa pelo músico.

#1 Rebirth

This song is about leaving solitude and how that changes us. I recorded some crowd sounds as I walked through the city to capture that feeling and layered it with the sound of a busy restaurant.

#2 The Buzz

I recorded the guitar for this one in my old apartment. It was winter and my window had just cracked and broken. I meant for it to be a scratch take, but after I layered everything else I couldn’t part with the guitar; the sound and take felt right for the song. But it was cold and noisey and that’s why halfway through the song there’s audible sirens in the background.

#3 The Sudden Downpour

I wrote this one based on a trip I took to Italy a couple years back. I was in Siena with my family and my sister had heard of this little guitar shop she wanted to find. We were only there for a few hours and we got there right before Ciesta so we trekked through the city as fast as we could navigate it, getting caught in this huge rainstorm.

#4 Reputation

The verse riff for Reputation is based on the bridge of Into the Day. I wanted the tracks to talk back to each other musically, so I altered the bridge and changed the key and wrote around that.

#5 Yourself

Yourself is about how the ways people define us become part of how we see ourselves, influencing our behaviour, and about how fighting that can be isolating.

#6 Into the day

Into the day is about trying to find your place in the world; your purpose and your voice. I wanted to write something about feeling overwhelmed by these bigger mechanisms that float above us and influence us in all these subtle ways while we try to assert and justify our existence.

#7 Terrible Night

This one’s about friendships, how we use them to define ourselves and each other. It’s about losing touch, falling out of eachothers orbit, what that does to what we think about each other and ourselves.

#8 Curtains // Floating Heads

I captured this really intense rainstorm from my front porch and I combined it with some rain I caught on a street corner in Prague. I duplicated it and reversed it so it’s playing forwards in one ear and backwards in the other, floating in the background throughout the song, creating this dreary vibe. The songs about the precarious nature of performing and spectating.

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