Reflections (Remastered)
2020 | Edição de Autor | Indie, Rock

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A vocalista e guitarrista Maxine Beck-Sinderby e o baterista Thomas Franklin conheceram-se por acaso num estúdio de música na escola secundária e, desde então, a dupla lançou dois EPs consecutivos, intitulados “Reflections, vol. 1” e “Reflections, vol. 2“, sob o nome de TANDM.

#1 Earthworm

Earthworm is a backlash song at the people who haven’t taken our career in music seriously. The inspiration for the song came directly from our own experiences, having been asked on multiple occasions “okay, I get that you’re into music, but what are you really going to do?” The title “Earthworm” comes from the idea that those who look down upon the arts, are really the ones with their head stuck in the dirt (blinded, ignorant, stuck/rooted). As we suggest in the verse lyric: “Turns out you might never get your head out the dirt”.

#2 Run

This song is dedicated to my own stage fright. We tried to express the different stages I feel with my stage fright: the anxiousness of being under pressure, feeling the need to perform a certain way, and feeling the need to run away.

#3 Your Words

Your Words is about the specific words we use to communicate, and exactly how we use them. It suggests the importance of the words people use in conversation, how they can be taken the wrong way, or how they can be taken the right way but were intended for the wrong reasons; intentional lies, and miscommunication.

#4 Girl in the Bathroom Mirror

“Girl in the Bathroom Mirror” is a reflection of feeling the need to disappear. Giving examples to the feelings of discomfort, insecurity, unhappiness, and anxiety in their varying scenarios, “Girl in the Bathroom Mirror” states that every individual may have sensitivities that are not always obvious to the eye. Whether mental or physical dilemmas, it is important to understand that people suffer every day due to society’s standards, especially as teenagers.

#5 Dreamworld

Dreamworld is a song about childhood nostalgia. It centralizes on the idea of adults wanting to feel like kids again. We do have another hidden meaning/story inside Dreamworld, but that’s a secret that you’ll have to figure out for yourself.

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