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Death Wish
2019 | Edição de Autor | Rock

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The EP is a collection of songs influenced by just trying to find my way as a young adult in this day and age. The themes of the EP are really mostly negative which kind of makes me sound like a total cynic but I’m really just trying to make sense of the world we live in and how a lot of it totally contradicts how I feel. I’m not really saying I have any answers but I’m hoping that there are people out there who can relate to how I feel.

#1 She Said

This song was originally written with the intention of being an obnoxiously poppy grunge song. I was taking a lot of inspiration from Blurs “Song 2” while writing it along with keeping Damon Albarn’s satirical intentions in mind as well. Then, I took a piece from an unfinished song in a slower 6/4 beat and inserted that into the middle of the song for the breakdown/bridge section. After recording I think everyone bought it as the “pop hit” of the EP so we put it right front and centre at the beginning of the tracklist.

#2 Death Wish

I remember this song popping into my head while coming out of the theatres after watching “Get Out”. It was a great film but gave me an overbearing sense of anxiety and I think that’s where the plodding drone-y guitar riff came from. When I was having issues coming up with a chorus I ended up listening to my vinyl copy of In Utero a couple times for inspiration and came up with the rest of the song afterwards.

#3 On Your Own

Somewhere between Hey Joe and Under The Bridge with a twist of Say It Aint So is where you can find this song. I think I was feeling really inspired by John Frusciante and Jimi Hendrix at the time of writing this track and was playing my stratocaster a lot. This song almost didn’t make it into the recording budget but I’m glad it did because it’s actually my favourite on the EP currently.

#4 Throw It Away

The “experimental” track of the EP more or less, we spent a lot of time with my producers tape delay on this track for a lot of the vocal effects. I remember I kept screaming the first verse and it wasn’t sounding good so after a while I tried just quietly singing it in a lower octave and I think it ended up saving the song. We also tried making Hudsons bass in the intro sound as much like The Cure as possible.

#5 Pop Song

Originally the name of this song was a work-in-progress joke title, but I think it stuck because we never took this song too seriously. Jamie came up with the infamous “millennial whoop” for the chorus and I think it helps end the EP on a light hearted note. We were getting pretty lit up recording this one and you can hear it at the end of the song with all of us basically losing our minds in the vocal booth after a couple too many beers. Gotta love Hudsons jovial laugh to cap off the new EP!

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