Gold Star Gold Star

Introducing… Gold Star Gold Star
2020 | Edição de Autor | Pop

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There, in the spiraling pattern of petals on your favorite houseplant, in the cell structure of the pineapple on your counter, even in the double helix of your every strand of DNA, is the golden ratio. The mathematical equation is ingrained in organic beauty, a set of specific factors overcome by biological charm. That same paradox powers the debut from Chicago duo Gold Star Gold Star, their take on classic radio pop fascinating in its studied precision, knowing subversive choices, and undeniable warmth.

On Introducing… Gold Star Gold Star, the duo of Adam Miller and Adam Obermeier use the language of bands like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and Motown acts–and then twist the dial ever so slightly away from what you’d hear on AM radio.

#1 Brand New Start

Acoustic guitars and a wiry organ open the album in a meandering conversation. One of the cleaner recordings that came much later.

#2 1-800

If you’re in need of a quick, quipped and peculiar pop number, a toll free number is now taking your calls.

#3 I Just Need Your Love

We ditch the drum set and rhythm guitar for a harpsichord and marching snare, pushing the self-imposed template of pop into absurdity.

#4 Talkin’ Need My Friends Blues

We take a momentary detour from songs of love to perform a paean of friendship. Imagine an old train — ramshackle but certain.

#5 Willow Tree

A fuzzy and wooden girl-group track that leads to a star-crossed duo of countermelody from slide guitar and trumpet during the shout chorus.

#6 If You Only Knew

A spinning carousel of ageless pop tricks and treats that comes to a most peculiar stop

#7 You Can Tell Me What It Is (Girl)

Recorded in the heart of our pop-focused opening phase. A quick one – with limited equipment and friendly voices.

#8 How Can I Show You

Tender is as tender does. Mellotrons color over this schmaltzy but true blue realization of the difficulty of adequate expression in waltz form.

#9 Sun Staying Down

This is a song about arguing and understanding. From the sound of a cascading waterfall come picked guitars and Everly Brother-style harmonies.

#10 Play It Cool

Gun slinging, plain as day. A pop track with its melodies naked, no tricks, all treats.

#11 Done With Wonderin’

A familiar concept meets Gold Star Gold Star – the “wall of sound.” MIDI keys abound.

#12 I Know Who To Call

The genesis of Gold Star Gold Star, our first dart thrown on the board, this track prophetically encompasses many aspects to come from the rest of the project. A sleeper, yet a favorite.

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