Ace of Wands

2019 | Edição de Autor | Rock, Folk

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Os Ace of Wands são um produto da música e composição de Lee Rose. A esta juntam-se Anna Mernieks e Jody Brumell que, como banda, criam uma textura de tons e emoções, misturando vozes crescentes, violino, synth-bass e guitarra em canções inspiradas pelo sobrenatural, a força dos elementos e sensações físicas.

#1 Lioness

This is about accepting my inner darkness that can show up in unexpected ways. Using the Lioness as a metaphor for my own emotional energy (powerful, ruthless, secretive, nurturing and loving) I am getting in tough with my own animal instincts in this song.

#2 Float the Flood

This song is a portrait of the turmoil in a long term relationship. Using the metaphor of a flood to draw connections between murky waters and the fog of difficult emotions, the song reveals how self-hatred comes out of the realization that I have emotional power over the people closest to me. And I have used that to harm them.

#3 Grown from Good

After realizing I didn’t recognize yourself in the mirror anymore, I wrote this song to try to find goodness in the unknown.

#4 Tarot Cards

I wrote this song in an attempt to define my future with the tarot cards. I picked all the cards for a specific reason, having looked up their meanings before inserting them into the song. I didn’t draw them blindly in the order they are sung, I chose them for myself. The Eight of Swords, the Chariot, the Hanged Man, Lovers, Moon — these cards from the first verse tell a story of choice. Transitioning from being paralyzed by fear and doubt (the Eight of Swords) to accepting and journeying into the unknown, trusting in my intuition even in darkness (the Moon). The cards in the second verse (the Ace of Wands, the Fountain, the Tower, Devil, Sun) tell the story of self acceptance and inspired moves forward into joy.

#5 Sunrise to Shadow Grey

This song is essentially a parable. Telling the story of two lovers who die and are re-incarnated as predator and prey.

#6 Jolt the Amplifier

I wrote this as a way of processing my decision to start taking anti-depressants. The song delves into the self-doubt and shame I have around medication and the lost ideals I had about who I am and what I’m capable of.

#7 10,000 Feet

This one’s about lost love. It really hurts to have your heart broken. Thats it.

#8 Hearts Disease

As the chorus says “I foresee future scenes where music halts my hearts disease” – this song is a love letter to music. Which helps me feel better every day I live on this earth.

#9 Winter Wind

This song is dedicated to my inner child. My “Little”. Who is with me every day and who I consistently beat up on with critical, judgemental thoughts. I started keeping a picture of my five-year-old self in my wallet so I can remember just who I am abusing when I tell myself I’m not enough, I’m stupid or a bad person. She doesn’t deserve that.

#10 Wolf Cubs

Wolf Cubs describes some of the damaging and un-helpful behaviour patterns I have inherited from my mom. Along with a recognition that I am my own person, and I am ok. And we both run with the wolves sometimes – descendent from animals whose love and loyalty is fierce and powerful. We follow them.

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