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Find Romance
2020 | Edição de Autor | Rock

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“Find Romance” é o primeiro EP dos Bike Club. Gravado em 2017 e trazido à vida em 2020, este EP começou como um esforço do compositor principal Eric Warner para gravar discos menos abrasivos do que os dos seus projectos anteriores. O disco conta com Warner apoiado por membros do The Elwins, que colaboraram com ele para dar corpo às ideias e estruturas das músicas.

#1 Frustrated Tonight

I wrote this song while performing in another band. That band solely existed to perform a show opening for one of my favourite live bands, Chixdiggit whom I have seen more times than I recollect in more cities than I care to remember. The melodies and music were updated and likely the lyrics slightly as well. It’s indebted to bands like The Pointed Sticks. It’s pretty literal, it’s about being frustrated by growing apart in a relationship.

#2 Heart Beating

This song was written about my wife. It’s pretty literal. Our apartment faced due south of east when we met, and I know that I want to spend the rest of my life with her. The music very much rips off Sloan and The Inbreds.

#3 Find Romance

The lyrics are in reference to someone dear to me and my hope that she would find true love and happiness. It takes into account those around her entering relationships and finding love while she was still navigating the experience. For some reason parts of the song sound like there is a faux-British accent on the vocals. That is not intentional but I think it works.

#4 Can't Get You Out Of My Head

Pretty literal. Sometimes you fall for someone but they’re not the right fit. Toxic relationships and experiences that you want to get out of your head. We performed all of the songs at a wedding once. Never thought I’d be in a band performing at a wedding, nor one with pretty direct lyrics like these so it was an experience.

#5 Where Do We Go On?

Also pretty literal, and heart on the sleeve in lyrical approach. I’m used to screaming in bands, so hitting higher notes isn’t always the easiest, but here we are. Love is elusive at times. Love is deceiving. Love is great. The type of anxiety that keeps on giving.

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