Hawsley Workman

Less Rage More Tears
2020 | Edição de Autor | Folk

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Hawksley Workman é um cantor, compositor e multi-instrumentista duas vezes vencedor do Prémio JUNO. Um marco na cena musical e artística canadiana por mais de 20 anos, Workman ostenta um catálogo de 16 lançamentos, sendo “Less Rage More Tears” o seu mais recente trabalho, escrito e gravado em Montreal com o produtor Marcus Paquin (Arcade Fire, The National).

#1 Dwindling Beauty (let’s fake our deaths together)

Never lose sight of the exit door. And maybe you and the one you love want to disappear. Maybe it’s all becoming too much.

#2 Around Here

In a cramped city apartment you lick your wounds, is this the dream? Is this the turmoil we imagined our love would have to triumph over someday? And was today the day?

#3 Just a Dream

The 1980s were the last audacious time in pop music. A time when the idols of popular music could be geniuses and virtuosos. As the internet erodes our imaginations and creates mono-thought we fall asleep with visions of our youth and freedom in cartoons.

#4 Young and Wasted

It was fun back when we lusted after our own destruction. Youth, beauty, and self-immolation, the good old rock and roll recipe. You wake up embarrassed one day and disassociate this life from what came before. Sometimes happiness is in forgetting.

#5 Acid Wash Jeans

What if you could go back and have a *do-over* of every conversation you’ve ever had? What if you were given the secret to being truly present in the most beautiful moment you’ve ever lived? Would you ever leave the house again? Would we continue to obsess over all the lost beauty?

#6 Tahiti Treat

You love fun! I love fun! We love fun! Let others be boring! Damn them to their Spotify dinner party playlists! We drive the flaming car off the cliff every day… just as Jesus told us to.

#7 Good Old Fashioned Acid Rain

Kids in the 80s were terrified. Kids in the 90s were terrified. And the tradition continues in the 21st Century. The news pollutes your innocence. All the kids collectively throw their TV sets into the pool.

#8 Slow Suicide (by wine)

Courtship, marriage, and a suicide pact. The empty bottles of chianti lay like dead soldiers… and we’re both sick of the war. Too drunk to really know what we’re doing, we wade into the Ligurian Sea until it drinks us in forever.

#9 Name The Strays

People forget that Jesus loved the losers and the sick. He was never a talisman of might. If he were alive today he’d have an Instagram page dedicated to amputee cats.

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