Significant Other

2020 | Edição de Autor | Alternativo

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Significant Other é o primeiro projecto a solo do canadiano Michael Wexler e nasce cinco anos após o final do seu último projecto musical Inlet Sound ter acabado.

Sob o novo apelido, este primeiro lançamento luta por energia e intimidade, e é construído a partir da saída de um cérebro que constantemente procura serotonina, enquanto super-analisa todos os sinais de entrada e saída dos últimos anos, numa tentativa profundamente pessoal de colocar voz e letra nas circunstâncias em constante mudança de uma vida examinada.

#1 Obsolescence

Laughing at your past self is easy when the past seems so long ago and irrelevant with the passing of time. This first track tries to reflect on who I was through some hard times and who I have become, and maybe what happened along the way.

#2 Downtime

This is a song that comes from a quiet meditative state, surrounds the mood of a solitary Sunday and talks about fragility, letting go and living in a moment alone. I’ve been trying to capture the mood for years of that type of day where you only talk to yourself, and one day (on a Sunday) home alone, sitting down at the piano and it just clicked. Downtime was really what gave me the confidence to re-examine the songs and pieces I had written over 5 years of being out of music, since leaving my old band, and to consider getting back into recording & playing live.

#3 Desert Flower

This song talks about a darker time and how we sometimes desperately try to save unsave-able situations. It’s about wanting to fix something or someone, and create something that may not be in the cards at a certain time and place in life.

#4 Fondly, Lonely

This is definitely the most reflective song on the album, that came together sitting on my bed looking out the second floor window late one night, unable to sleep. It’s a reflective song about reflection and the solitude that comes with it. There is nothing happy nor sad about it, but just exploratory.

#5 Limerence

In relationships and in friendships we often take on the pain of others as we really begin to understand and feel one another. Limerence is a bit of an oxymoronic song for me, as its definitely the most pop on the album but comes from a sombre place of trying to deeply understand another human being. All the voices joining me in the chorus contribute to the feeling of an anthem – singing together in our shared confusion and disconnection from some of our closest allies in life.

#6 The Shine of Our Shadow

To wrap up the record, this tune tries to poke through the darkness and finish with some lightness, focus on the sparks of good and push for positivity no matter what. It finishes by chanting the title of the record: Kimberlite – the rock we mine for diamond, the hard coating to what we have been striving for all along.

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