The Monochrome Set

Fabula Mendax
2019 | Tapete Records | Art-Pop

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Fabula Mendax“, o mais recente álbum dos The Monochrome Set, é baseado em manuscritos escritos no século XV por Armande de Pange, um companheiro de Joana d’Arc.

Enquanto Armande foge da sua família descontrolada, acaba por ser apanhada no caos da Guerra dos Cem Anos. Ela encontra e segue a enigmática Joan, tornando-se mais tarde parte de seu crescente grupo de seguidores. Enquanto viajam para o oeste na zona de guerra do norte da França, eles encontram uma mistura heterogénea de nobres intrigantes, cavaleiros belicosos, bispos nefastos e muitos supervilões, bandidos e renegados.

Isto é The Monochrome Set na sua forma mais ornamentada e, assim como este conjunto de Joana D’Arc, apresenta uma infinidade de violinistas, batedores, tocadores e lamentadores, cercando um núcleo central de notórios excêntricos.

#1 Rest, Unquiet Spirit

The lyrics to this song are a warning about about passion that can never be returned, or even expressed.

The music is somewhat medieval, and is rather a triumph (in my opinion!), as it’s not only a 3 minute pop song, but is unlike anything I’ve heard before.

#2 Throw It Out The Window

About discarding gifts that people you dislike have given you. Smash them to pieces!
The music is a pop/rock song, somewhat 70s sounding, with a hint of 60s Motown.

#3 My Little Reliquary

This concerns the unscrupulous selling of saintly relics, but are also a metaphor for the packaging and selling (in both indirect and direct ways) the ideas, life, and actual belongings of any icon, in such a way that enriches (in one way or another) the seller. The music has a rather medieval feel to it.

#4 Eux Tous

This is about about dreaming of killing everyone who has made your life a misery. They are slightly influenced by “”Pirate Jenny”, by Brecht, and also have an Edgar Allen Poe feel to them. The music has a big-beat Motown feel to it, but with a very lush surround.

#5 Darkly Sly

The lyrics are about a “consummation” which may have been unwise. The music sounds a little like a Sandy Denny song, to me.

#6 Summer Of The Demon

This deals with redemption, though it’s not certain if it’s justified. They have slight feel of Dylan. The music has a feeling of Elvis (Vegas style), with a touch of Johnny Cash.

#7 I Can’t Sleep

It’s about not being able to sleep, due to THINGS. The lyrics have a touch of Fats Waller.
The music is slightly jazz/rockabilly.

#8 Come To Me, Oh, My Beautiful

This is about women touching men remotely, via natural mechanisms. The music is somewhat of a 70s pop-rock song, and reminds me a little of Redbone.

#9 Sliding Icicle

Another lyric slightly in the style of Fats Waller. About being cold. The music is Southern rock, maybe.

#10 La Chanson De La Pucelle

This is the best poem about Joan Of Arc that has ever been written.

It’s a ballad with guitar and strings, but the strings are done in a 50s/60s US filmatic style, which is melodic and light.

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