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Unafraid to challenge the convictions of her detractors by honouring her heritage, standing steadfast in her viewpoints, and embracing her sexuality, IsKwé’s artistry knows no bounds. Blending soulful, breathlessly delivered lyrics that are coloured by the many shades of human nature with a sonic palette that takes its queue from the shadowy atmospherics of the 1990s Bristol sound, IsKwé’s music revels in her strength of self and that is her true rallying cry.

#1 Breaking Down

Is about freeing yourself of a toxic relationship to find your sense of self and your personal strength. The question is – what relationship? On the surface, it could be personal, but listen closely and you will discover a deeper meaning. The accompanying video (directed by Jessica Lea Fleming) captures this metamorphosis.

#2 Little Star

In cree culture, we are taught that we are the descendants of the Star People and when you look up into the sky and see a shooting star or falling star, what you are seeing seeing is the movement of spirit between the walking world and the sky world. That where the song ‘Little Star’ begins, in this teaching. It is then a response to media headlines that were taking place in the winter of 2018, during the murder trials of Gerald Stanley ( for the death of Colten Boushie) and Raymond Cormier (for the death of Tina Fontaine). There were instances where indigenous youth were not treated with the respect that I feel all children and all youth and all people deserve, especially after their time here in the walking world has passed or ended.

#3 The Unforgotten

Written in the wake of the Canada 150 celebrations, I felt it was important to remind everyone that while celebrating the wonderful things that make Canada a beautiful and unique place to live, it’s imperative that we remember, honour and acknowledge our dark corners as well. I’m proud of who we are as Indigenous people. I’m proud of what we’ve fought for, and how we continue to fight for our culture, our languages, our children, our women, our men, our earth and our water. But I’m also proud of all my non-Indigenous family and friends who continue to fight alongside us. This song is for all of us. Let’s dance together!

#4 Interlude

A little intermission to take us on a journey from one realm to the next. Close your eyes, sit back, and see where you end up!

#5 Sweet Tuesday

I wrote this song for my dear friend, a kindred spirit who ventured back to the sky world after a long and courageous battle with cancer. This song and its visuals are a commemoration of our last visit together, during which we embraced our mutual fears for the road ahead as much as we celebrated the beauty and mystery life offers. My hope is to convey the importance of not getting stuck in the despair of loss through celebrating those who have transitioned on and honouring every facet of life’s journey from birth to death. Sweet Tuesday is my contribution to the ethos of healing and embracing every emotion along the way.

#6 Night Danger

Sometimes we see all we need to when we first meet someone new, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we keep our distance. Night Danger is a song about these warning signs, the delicious and dangerous, and how sometimes, even though we see them all, it’s like the universe has its own plan for us and we are simply the pawns riding on a merry-go-round without a clear end in sight.

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