Heather Valley

Desert Message
2019 | Edição de Autor | Americana, Indie

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O álbum de estreia da artista canadiana Heather Valley foi editado no passado dia 22 de Novembro e está aqui descrito faixa a faixa pela própria.

#1 Trawler

Months between meetings and he was on the dusty trail from room to room until he found his way back.
Told in metaphor as trawling the seas, catching a mermaid in your lines, falling into obsession and the ultimate need to destroy her.

#2 Lovejoy

The true story of my reunion with the love of my life in Buffalo. He came up from Florida and I drove down from Canada. Everything was perfect. I wouldn’t know about his multiple lives until he was arrested in front of me at the border.

#3 Young Range

The open desert range. A soul and a horse against nature and time. An exploration of what is lost in love and how to regain oneself.

#4 Blackberry Bush

Set in Victoria. Wishing you could go back in time to change decisions you made. Wondering if you would be the only one.

#5 Nightmericana

The history of the con man, as told to me by his words and actions. Plus poetry. Influenced by Townes.

#6 Ohio River

Shifting dark. Written about some time spent in Cincinnati. Walking to the river at night in the middle of a flood. Thinking you were with me when you were states away.

#7 Los Angeles

How can we be so close in one moment, then never again? Florida to California to northern Canada. The moon will stay young but not you and I.

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