Nick Garrie

The Moon and The Village
2017 | Tapete Records | Pop

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Em 2017 voltamos a ouvir o Nick Garrie de “Stanislas” dos anos 60 e de “49 Arlington Gardens” de 2009 mas, desta vez, o músico mostra-se mais introspectivo e em reflexão. As canções estão mais fortes que nunca mas transmitem uma franqueza, fragilidade e ternura tremendas e os arranjos são da escola do quanto menos melhor.

#1 Lois' diary

A little man cleans the planes at Heathrow when he comes across a diary.
His life changes forever as he moves to the States and becomes a construction engineer collecting an ex-wife and daughter on the way but Lois’ diary is always on his mind.

#2 The Moon & The Village

I was sent to live there at the age of 6 with the couple in the song. Village life in the 50s.

#3 I'm on your side


#4 Music from a broken violin

“Life’s a paradox”  (Nick Garrie)

#5 Early Morning in the Garden

I was busking around Europe and pitched up at a small Italian farmhouse near Portofino. The owner gave us a stone table to sleep on in the garden with overhanging trees. The third verse is the girl walking quickly to work on a cold black English day.

#6 Bacardi Samuel

A friend of mine in Spain. Big Bacardi drinker.

#7 Boy Soldier

This is based on a poem by my cousin Jenny Morris.

#8 My dear One

I play in homes for folks with dementia and have always been struck by their dignity.

#9 Got you on my mind

A love song of sorts although there are strange people walking across the song.

#10 Ma Petite Catherine

Didn’t want to do this but the musos twisted my arm. I suppose you couldn’t expect better from a 15 year old boy.

#11 Nick's Minuet

I sang in the chapel choir for ten years and I guess some of that music just seeped into me.

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