Davey Woodward

Davey Woodward and The Winter Orphans
2018 | Tapete Records | Alternativo, Indie Folk

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Davey Woodward é conhecido como um compositor criativo com as suas bandas The Brilliant Corners e The Experimental Pop Band. Para alguns, é uma lenda pop indie mas para a maioria das pessoas ainda um estranho desconhecido. Com praticamente 4 décadas de trabalho na música alternativa edita agora um novo disco com os The Winter Orphans, a sua nova banda, a acompanhá-lo.

#1 Caroline

The description of the two children playing is what I used to do on my own. I have swum in a copper pool. It’s very bright blue (copper sulphate), looks amazing but it’s probably poisonous too!

#2 Build a Boat

Everyone I know tells me this is about my parents, some of it is.

#3 Girl in The Hoops

There’s always a time in one’s life where a friend’s partner seems to like you more than their partner! This usually spells trouble and will almost certainly end up in a nose being broken. Most certainly it will be mine.

#4 Tangerine Dream

Protesters, freedom fighters, where are they?  Big business buying political parties, inequality, me generation musicians moaning, it all feels overwhelming and beyond an ordinary person’s control. Personal happiness slowly draining away.

#5 Black Lipstick

True Story. Redcatch Road is a very steep hill and I saw buttons rolling down it. Black Lipstick is commonly associated with Goths. Even goths can get pregnant.

#6 Home

In sentiment similar to Tangerine Dream. The couple are mixed up. Geographically accurate. Everyone’s been to a dinner party where someone gets passionate about politics and states the bloody obvious!

#7 Tantalise

True story about a couple I knew, one a dirty old man, the other a pretty young woman. I don’t think you could have heard her screams on the moon but I heard them from my flat.

#8 Horrors Cope

Completely made up story about fucking a friends girlfriend while he is dying in hospital.

#9 Troubles of my Times

A love song.

#10 Dylan's Poster

Story about a girl and boy who are outsiders, love rock n roll, love Dylan, form a band, make love, dress weird, are into alternative culture, are broke, but they are young and live for the moment. We know that life is only a collection of moments, yes? I have never met a woman who liked reading Phillip K Dick. That’s like knowing a woman who loves modern Jazz!

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